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Travel Flat Irons

When traveling, you still need to take care of your hair, but it is always essential to pack lightly. For some people, that means questioning whether or not their flat iron will make the cut. The good news is, there are flat irons made for travel. If you’re headed to a hot place, you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your hair to the humidity. We recommend the MHU Hair Straightener because it is beautiful and compact and features titanium plates that keep your hair looking sleek and smooth.

Best Overall: MHU Hair Straightener

The MHU Hair Straightener is a great tool that is compatible with all hair types. It doesn’t matter if you have thick, medium, or fine hair, this straightener can style your hair perfectly. Equipped with titanium plates, this flat iron has a negative ion balance, which helps eliminate unwanted static and frizz. Run your hair through this straightener, and you will be left with smooth, silky locks.

The temperature on this hot tool ranges from 250 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit, which makes it perfect for all hair types. It also heats up fast. Stick to the lower temperatures for fine hair and level up for thicker hair. The width of this flat iron is 1 inch. This is great because it can tame bangs as well. It may take longer to style thicker hair, but the results are worth it. Its design features strategic curves, which allow you to curl and straighten your hair with the same tool.

This flat iron is perfect for travel as it comes prepared with dual voltage abilities. All you need is an adaptor, and it should heat up to the same temperatures as it does in your home. Another great feature included with the MHU Hair Straightener is the swivel cord. This allows you to comfortably style your hair, regardless of where the outlet is. You don’t have to worry about bending and damaging your cord to make it reach the poorly placed mirror in your hotel room.

This hair straightener comes with two hair clips and a velcro wrap to keep your cord organized. It also comes with a handy lock feature, which is excellent for keeping this flat iron shut tight while traveling.


  • Fast heating
  • Negative ion balance
  • Adjustable heat
  • Titanium plates


  • May take longer to straighten thicker hair because it is only 1-inch wide

Best Overall

MHU Hair Straightener

Fast-heating travel flat iron with titanium plates

This flat iron features titanium plates and adjustable heat options, which leave your hair looking soft and silky.

Best Runner Up: HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

The HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron is excellent for individuals with all hair types and particularly great for those with dry hair. It is designed with floating tourmaline-infused plates: a crystal boron silicate mineral that aids in the smoothing process of your hair. The tourmaline plates generate negative ions, which allow tiny water molecules to penetrate the hair shaft. This keeps your hair looking hydrated and smooth.

The fact that these plates are floating gives you the flexibility to flip, curl, and straighten your hair effortlessly. This is perfect for travel, as you only need to pack one hot tool to create multiple styles. Additionally, this flat iron is 1-inch wide, which makes it great to style bangs and short layers as well.

The HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron features eight microchip sensors that regulate heat through special heat balance technology. You don’t have to worry about burning your hair as the heat is distributed evenly. They are so protective that the straightener will adjust its heat when left on for too long. Choose from temperatures ranging from 140 – 450 degrees Fahrenheit to suit your hair type.

Equipped with dual voltage abilities and a 360-degree swivel cord, this straightener is great for travel. It also comes with a heat resistant glove, an HSI style guide, a silk draw skin case, and a travel-sized argan oil hair treatment.


  • Eight heat-regulating microchip sensors
  • Tourmaline infused plates
  • Keeps hair silky and smooth
  • Adjustable heat settings

Best Runner Up

HSI Professional Glider Flat Iron

Heat regulating travel flat iron

Travel flat iron with eight heat-regulating microchip sensors and tourmaline-infused plates.

Best Value: Lovani Portable Flat Iron

If you’re searching for an affordable flat iron that’s mini-sized and brilliant for travel, then the Lovani Portable Flat Iron is definitely for you. Measuring at 0.5-inches wide and 7.1-inches long, this straightener is compact enough to fit in your carry-on luggage. The 0.5-inch width is also perfect for styling beards and short layers, so your partner can enjoy this hot tool too.

Just like the HSI Professional Glider Flat iron, the Lovani Portable Flat Iron features tourmaline plates that keep your hair silky smooth and free of frizz. It also features 3D floating plates, which allow you to curl, flip, and straighten your hair with ease. Enjoy the ability to create a variety of styles with one, small flat iron.

This hair straightener heats up to a high 410 degrees Fahrenheit. Although it does not give you the option to change the temperature manually, it does automatically adjust the heat to match your hair type. Equipped with an LED light, it is easy to tell when the straightener is powered on. Store this flat iron in the included heat-resistant bag when you’re not using it.

What makes this straightener even better for travel is that it features dual voltage capabilities and adjusts the voltage automatically. You don’t need a voltage converter to use it worldwide. You may need an adapter plug though.


  • Great for short layers and beards
  • Small and compact
  • Tourmaline plates
  • Auto-adjusting heat to match your hair type

Best Value

Lovani Portable Flat Iron

Compact travel straightener with auto-adjusting heat settings

This flat iron measures at 0.5-inches wide and 7.1-inches long. It features automatically adjusting heat settings that adapt to your hair type.

Best Multiuse: AmoVee 2-in-1 Mini Travel Straightener

The AmoVee 2-in-1 Mini Travel Straightener is a great option to bring along with you on any adventure. Equipped with both straightening and curling abilities, you can create a style to match every mood. With just a simple switch of a button and the press of the clip, you can alternate between the flat iron and the curling iron. However, be aware of the fact that the entire barrel heats up, just like a curler.

This straightener is made with a 1-inch black titanium barrel that works great with all hair types. The entire hot tool measures at 10-inches long, which is between a mini size and a standard size. This means that it is big enough to handle an abundance of hair but small enough to pack in your luggage.

The temperature on this travel flat iron is fixed at 450 degrees Fahrenheit and can reach its max heat in as little as 60 seconds. Style your hair quickly and efficiently. However, keep in mind that if you use this for longer than an hour, it can overheat and melt the attached plastic.


  • 2-in-1 curler and straightener
  • High heat temperature
  • Compact size


  • Entire barrel heats up like a curler
  • Can overheat if left on for over an hour

Best Multiuse

AmoVee 2-in-1 Mini Travel Straightener

Compact 2-in-1 flat iron and curler

This compact 2-in-1 flat iron measures at 10-inches long, which is between travel and standard size. It also doubles as a curler.

Bottom line

Keep flyaway hair and stray strands at bay with the perfect travel flat iron. You never have to worry about your hair looking like you got electrocuted in your Instagram posts ever again. Embrace the humidity and enjoy your tropical paradise fully with the MHU Hair Straightener.

This travel flat iron’s titanium plates and fast heating abilities ensure that your hair is left looking smooth and silky. To make traveling even easier, take your hot tools down to one as this hair straightener’s curved design allows you to curl and straighten your hair easily. Travel in style when it comes to your hair.

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