Arduino hearing test device overview

DIY Arduino Hearing Test Device

Listening to reduction is a frequent trouble for lots of – in particular people who could have attended much too numerous loud concert events in their youth. [mircemk] had a short while ago been for a listening to take a look at, and found that the course of action was essentially really easy. Armed with this information, he made a decision to construct his individual take a look at procedure and doc it for other people to use.

audiogram showing the results of the arduino hearing test device
Resultant audiogram from the device displaying every single ear in a diverse color

By working with an Arduino to make tones of a variety of stepped frequencies, and step by step expanding the volume right until the check topic can detect the tone, it is feasible to plot an audiogram of listening to threshold sensitivity.  Screening every ear separately lets a comparison in between 1 aspect and the other.

[mircemk] has created a nice miniature cabinet that holds an 8×8 matrix of WS2812 addressable RGB LEDs.  A 128×64 pixel OLED display provides user recommendations, and a rotary encoder with push-button serves as the consumer input.

Of course, this is not a calibrated experienced piece of exam products, and a great deal will rely on the top quality of the earpiece used.  Nevertheless, as a way to check out for gross hearing issues, and as an fascinating experiment, it holds a large amount of promise.

There is even an extension, which includes a Class D audio amplifier, that allows the use of bone-conduction earpieces to assist slim down the lead to of hearing decline additional.

There is some additional information on bone conduction listed here, and we’ve lined an intriguing optical stimulation cochlear implant, also.