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FNIRSI Vs Rigol: An Alternate View

We’ve heard of the FNIRSI 1014D scope, but we’ve had the impression that it might not be a great scope, although it is economical. [Learn Electronics Repair] had heard from another YouTuber that it was “a piece of junk.” However, he wanted to look at it compared to another inexpensive scope, the Rigol DS1052E. His results were different from what we usually hear. To be clear, he didn’t think it was a perfect scope, but he did find it very usable for his purpose.

The 46-minute-long video does more than just a casual look. He uses both scopes in some real-world measurements. If you are in the market for a scope in this price range, it is worth the time to watch.

Honestly, we are as guilty as the next person of getting obsessed with specifications. One PC is good because it scores 1% higher on a benchmark than another. But in real life,  you’ll never notice the difference. That may be what’s happening here.

On the other hand, everyone’s use cases are different. Besides that, your choice of a tool as integral to your day as a scope or a soldering iron is pretty personal. You like what you like, and it doesn’t always have to make sense.

If you have either of these scopes — or both — what do you think of the review? Leave us a note in the comments. We actually looked at the original review that this video refers to. We know that not all FNIRSI scopes live up to their supposed specifications.