How Can Sentiment Analysis Power Ecommerce?

How Can Sentiment Analysis Power Ecommerce?

McKinsey’s 2021 report revealed that companies managing to provide a personalized shopping experience earn up to 40% more revenue. In eCommerce, personalization can combine various tactics – tailored product recommendations, targeted newsletters, geo-specific offers and discounts, and even weather-sensitive content. If implemented in the right way, personalization helps attract and nurture high-quality leads and upsell or cross-sell products that the consumer might otherwise overlook. Keeping in mind that 76% of shoppers get frustrated if they don’t receive the right amount of intimacy, personalization is table stakes in today’s retail. However, successful personalization greatly depends on the company’s ability to leverage……

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Andrius Palionis

Since 2015, Andrius Palionis has been supporting major companies around the world in their journey towards data-driven decision making. His motto “persistence is progress” has driven him to transform global attitudes towards the importance of data to business success and growth. As a Director of Sales and later VP of Enterprise Solutions at Oxylabs, Andrius obtained an in-depth understanding of main challenges that arise with data acquisition. Day to day, he uses his problem-solving and team management skills to accelerate the performance of numerous companies by successfully bridging their data needs with the most effective solutions.

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