How To Check Salesforce API Limits
How to Check Salesforce API Limits


It is critical to hold an eye on your Salesforce API restrictions, as they can be
quickly exceeded if not monitored correctly.

Thankfully, there are 10 easy measures that you can take to test your
Salesforce API limits and guarantee that they are not exceeded.

Action 1: Login to Your Salesforce Account

In get to check your
Salesforce API boundaries,
you will need to login to your Salesforce account. After logged in, navigate to
the “Setup” website page of your account.

Move 2: Navigate to the “Monitoring” Web page

Once on the “Setup” web site, select the alternative for “Monitoring” from the
left-hand menu. This will open up a new web page with several metrics linked to
your account use these kinds of as knowledge storage, apex execution time and extra.

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Step 3: Check out Your API Limits

After on the “Checking” web page, scroll down and you will discover a section for
API Use.” This segment will supply info about your complete variety of
calls, every day typical, peak use as well as your present limit.

Action 4: Adjust Your API Limit if Necessary

If you obtain that your API limit is also very low or as well large for your wants, you can
regulate it accordingly by clicking on the “Edit Restrict” button subsequent to the
present restrict. You can then pick to either increase or lower your restrict
based on what will work ideal for you.

Phase 5: Monitor Your API Use

Soon after modifying your restrict, it is critical to continue to keep an eye on your API usage
in buy to make sure that you do not exceed the limit. This can be done by
periodically checking the “API Use” portion of the “Monitoring” web site, which
will exhibit you a graph with your every day and weekly use as nicely as any peak

Phase 6: Acquire Notifications for Limit Exceeded

If you are nervous about exceeding your Salesforce API limits, then you can
permit notifications so that you will acquire an e mail when the limit is
exceeded. To empower this notification, click on the “Notify Me When Limit Is
” button on the “API Utilization” web site and established the restrict to the preferred

Move 7: Use APIs with warning

When using Salesforce APIs, it is significant to use them with warning in buy
to avoid exceeding your API limits. Try to limit the range of phone calls you make
per working day and check your utilization carefully so that you do not exceed your

Move 8: Optimize Your API Requests

An additional way to lessen API use is by optimizing your API requests. This can
be performed by creating confident that you are only requesting the essential facts from
the server and keeping away from any unnecessary requests.

Step 9: Consider Gain of Performance Tuning Equipment

Salesforce gives functionality tuning applications this kind of as the Apex Execution Log
Analyzer and the API Use Profiler which can support you to identify any issues
with your code or enhance your API requests.

Move 10: Make contact with Salesforce for Guidance

If you find that your API restrict is nonetheless being exceeded inspite of having all of
these ways, then it may be time to contact Salesforce for assistance. Their
crew of professionals can help you to troubleshoot any problem and get back on


By following these 10 measures, you can easily check out and regulate your Salesforce
API limits in purchase to make sure that they are not exceeded. Furthermore, by
optimizing your API requests and taking benefit of overall performance tuning applications,
you can even further cut down your odds of likely about the restrict. Last but not least, if all
else fails, and then call Salesforce for guidance.

By subsequent these 10 easy actions, you can conveniently check your Salesforce API
boundaries and make certain that they are not exceeded. Figuring out how considerably capability you
have still left will give you peace of thoughts and allow you to use Salesforce APIs
much more efficiently. If you want further more help, then never wait to
contact Salesforce for help.

By pursuing these easy measures, you can quickly look at your Salesforce API
restrictions and make absolutely sure that they are not exceeded. It is vital to keep a
near eye on your API limits in order to make certain that your account runs