Measuring Consumer Expectations in Ecommerce

Measuring Consumer Expectations in Ecommerce

In 2021, the Bank of Japan (BoJ) released a paper, supporting their newly minted measure of inflation – the Price Sentiment Index (PSI). Breaking away from a long-standing tradition, the BoJ turned to alternative data as a way to forecast (or, in some sense, nowcast) inflation. While we have yet to receive any data on its reliability as it has been originally proposed only in 2018, the Price Sentiment Index seems to be a promising invention in a field where they may come few and far between. Surprisingly, the data collection process for PSI isn’t all that complicated. It may……

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Gediminas Rickevičius

Gediminas Rickevičius, Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs

For over 13 years, Gediminas Rickevicius has been a force of growth for leading information technology, advertising and logistics companies around the globe. He has been changing the traditional approach to business development by integrating big data into strategic decision-making. As a Vice President of Global Partnerships at Oxylabs, Gediminas continues his mission to empower businesses with state-of-art public web data gathering solutions.