Minecraft 1.19.60 on Bedrock Has New Spawn Eggs and Blocks

Minecraft 1.19.60 on Bedrock Has New Spawn Eggs and Blocks

Minecraft could possibly be in excess of a ten years outdated at this point, but Microsoft is however retaining it alive with common updates. There is an update rolling out for the Bedrock version ideal now with a couple of good enhancements.

Minecraft Bedrock Edition version 1.19.60 is now rolling out to Personal computer, consoles, and cell platforms. Most of the variations in this release are for “vanilla parity” — the ongoing do the job to assure Minecraft Java Version and Minecraft Bedrock Version are largely the very same knowledge for gamers.

Matching the Java Version, Bedrock now has spawn eggs for Ender Dragon, Iron Golem, Snow Golem, and Wither mobs, but they are only accessible by way of commands. Saddles, horse armor, and carpets on llamas now get the job done like they do on Java, Crimson and Warped block sets have one of a kind seems, strain plates have diverse sound pitches, Frogspawn maps and bed block map colors now match Java, and so on. Individuals changes (and a lot of other individuals) must support the two editions sense a minimal far more alike.

Minecraft image with spawn eggs
The new spawn eggs Microsoft

Microsoft is also tests a number of new experimental features, creating on variations released in November’s 19.50 update. You can now craft 9 Bamboo into a Bamboo Block, and applying an axe will switch it into a Stripped Block of Bamboo. You can also convert the blocks into planks, like wooden blocks, supplying you more selections for decoration.

The update also has dozens of bug fixes, influencing contact controls, blocks, V-sync options, the Android version, and Realms. If you really don’t have any of the Bedrock editions by now, verify out the Minecraft website.

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