Nokia and Ansys Presents: Automated Cloud Driven Scheduling and Optimization of 5G Phased Antenna Arrays

Nokia and Ansys Presents: Automated Cloud Driven Scheduling and Optimization of 5G Phased Antenna Arrays

5G substantial MIMO radio apps call for more complicated antenna devices. The phased antenna array design and style workflow for such devices is typically comprehensive and sophisticated, usually requiringa blended work from unique experts.

Also, the regular antenna design and style workflow will involve extensive manual tweaking design parameters to obtain ideal general performance. Additionally, the 5G phase antenna array simulations are the natural way computationally substantial but can be mitigated with significant-functionality computing. Having said that, the most economical workflow requiresa cloud-driven workflow capable of embarrassingly parallel computation, i.e., parallel computing of both equally the layout versions from the optimizer and the frequency sweep in just about every design variation.

This presentation will present a actual 5G phased antenna array optimization workflow within the Ansys solution family, where Ansys ModelCenter is the orchestrator scheduling the optimizer’s design and style variations. The state-of-the-art EM solvers in Ansys HFSS is mechanically configured to execute and resolve the style versions in parallel in the Ansys cloud environment. The automation of this workflow not only enables a significantly minimized complexity in the optimization procedure of the 5G phased antenna array, but also appreciable time cost savings due to the components availability and parallelism of Ansys Cloud.

  • How to construct serious 5G phased antenna array optimization workflow
  • How to use ModelCenter to agenda the structure variations for the optimizer
  • How to mechanically configure, execute and fix the style and design variations in parallel
  • How to defeat hardware bottlenecks by utilizing Ansys Cloud.
  • How to drive time discounts in your undertaking

This webinar will reward engineers and designers operating with phased antenna array purposes. The attendees will master how Ansys answers can join silos, decrease hardware and bottlenecks, and make improvements to time to market place.


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