Old 6809 Computer Lives Again On Breadboards

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Among outdated CPUs, the 6809 in no way bought as considerably focus as some of its cousins. The Radio Shack CoCo used it and so did a design write-up in Wireless Environment Magazine. Now [Dave] has reconstructed that personal computer on breadboards and it appears to be like fantastic. The data files are on GitHub and there is even a sequence of films about the machine. You can enjoy the initial one particular beneath.

You can even read through the unique articles in the January 1981 Wireless Planet where by the board utilised a 6802. The upgrade to a 6809 seems in the July 1981 concern. The journal promised you could develop the procedure for £100. Aside from the 6809 there had been only a few chips. A Promenade, two RAM chips, A 6821 PIA, and a 74LS138 decoder for handle collection. An MC1413 transistor array also permitted for a 7-segment display screen and a keypad alongside with a 7442 BCD decoder.

Apparently [Dave] experienced began a equivalent computer back in the 80s, and designed adjustments to it to adapt to the Wi-fi World’s venture memory map. It appears like he did not end it, but he located the old boards and decided to recreate it on a breadboard.

Like a lot of computer systems of the day, the device had a cassette interface. We actually like the aesthetic of the 7-section LEDs and the total appear of the create.

The 6809 did see use in some particular industrial and online video game programs. There was also a New Zealand educational laptop based mostly on the 6809, along with a couple of other house personal computers like the SuperPET and the Dragon.

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