Pedal Your Way Through Games With This USB Exercise Bike

Pedal Your Way Through Games With This USB Exercise Bike

If you are into cycling, there is practically nothing better than heading out on the open up street and sensation the wind in your hair. Unfortunately, climatic circumstances make this awkward or impossible at particular times of 12 months, so you may be tempted to keep inside and participate in video games instead. Luckily, you can now get your gaming correct and nonetheless get in condition many thanks to [Patrick]’s exercise bicycle video game controller.

Two 3D-printed boxes with buttons and joysticks, to be attached to a bike's handlebar[Patrick] acquired himself a next-hand exercise bike and found that the velocity sensor within it was primarily based on a magnet and reed relay, just like a normal bike laptop or computer. Examining out the sensor was therefore as uncomplicated as counting pulses applying an Arduino Leonardo, and the USB HID protocol produced it easy to switch the cycling system into a one particular-dimensional game controller.

He then completed the set up by including two 3D-printed handlebar-mounted gamepads with a handful of buttons and a thumbstick on every aspect. The whole procedure now performs as an regular gamepad, but with the alternative of employing the bike as a forward/backward command.

We can imagine that this method will keep fascinating for significantly more time than any off-the-shelf net-linked exercise bicycle, for the reason that you can interface it with in essence any match. [Patrick] demos his rig using initial-man or woman shooters like Doom and Workforce Fortress 2, but the prospects are limitless: how about turning FIFA game titles into bicycle polo? Or Mirror’s Edge into a bicycle courier adventure? Soon after all, we have previously noticed how a similar sport controller can change Grand Theft Car into some thing extra like Grand Theft Bicycle.

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