The Essential Webcam Flex is designed to help you feel more connected

The Essential Webcam Flex is designed to help you feel more connected

Many of us have not returned to the office or have been working a hybrid office and home arrangement since the pandemic. That’s led to several changes and increased needs in work-from-home setups, one of which is the — now critical — webcam.

We’ve seen a few lately, but the Webcam Flex from Cyber Acoustics is slightly different. The mounting allows you to present as though you’re making contact with everyone on the call during a presentation, use the traditional positioning on top of your monitor, or to provide a top view of what you’re doing on your desk.

Steve Erickson, COO at Cyber Acoustics, said:

The initial idea for the CA Essential Webcam Flex was to develop a centre webcam that could also function in a traditional way, but very quickly into the design process, it was apparent a Table View function would be a valuable feature, as so many industries now rely on video as a primary source of communication

Using the extendable arm, you can easily position your camera in the centre of your screen. It’s a small touch, but during meetings and calls, this adds an element of truly personal interaction with others through the camera being in your immediate field of view. The other option through the use of the arm is to position your camera directly above your activities to share what you’re doing; useful for craft, art or other practical skills to show, not just talk about activities.

The general specs of the camera include:

  • High-quality 5MP video up to 2592 x 1944 @ 30fps
  • HD autofocus and low light correction
  • Wide 74.57-degree diagonal field of view and five levels of manual zoom
  • Dual omnidirectional microphones to minimise background noise
  • USB-A plug-and-play, no software required: Compatible with Windows 10 & 11, Mac OS 10.6 or above, and Chromebooks

The Webcam Flex is on Kickstarter now for US$129.99, with a solid timeline and plan for delivery.