[Review] Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera & double OIS

[Review] Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 200MP camera & double OIS

Samsung isn’t definitely striving to make the S23 Extremely stand out from its predecessor. At minimum, not visually so.

It is acquired just about the exact seem as the S22 Ultra, other than that its show edge is a minimal a lot more squared off, its cameras on the back are a tad more substantial, and its S Pen is a bit greater. 

But you’d truly only know if you experienced equally telephones aspect by facet. These are minor changes that you may well contemplate much more high quality-of-lifestyle advancements than any real updates.

The changes that make a actual variation are inside the S23 Extremely, unseen and likely unappreciated until finally you get to try it for oneself.

Specifically interesting is the camera hardware and application, which boast pretty the upgrade from the S22 Extremely.

To name a handful of issues, there is the 200MP most important camera sensor, double optical impression stabiliser (OIS) engineering for video, Astro Hyperlapse, and the Expert Raw characteristic.

For this write-up, we’ll be concentrating on the 200MP digicam and double OIS, considering the fact that we’d utilise them far more routinely. Do be aware that the images and videos taken by the cellular phone in this article will not be in their initial clarity thanks to some compression for easier loading.

200MP does not indicate better pictures

As opposed to the S22 Ultra’s 108MP digicam, the S23 Ultra’s 200MP sounds like a jaw-dropping enhance, at just about double the figure.

But as I would shortly learn, my photos didn’t automatically search that a great deal much better. In simple fact, they often appeared worse. 

To describe why, it’s essential to recognize how the digicam works. The S23 Ultra does one thing named pixel binning, whereby those people 200 mega pixels are stuffed (binned) into other pixels, producing super pixels.

For the S23 Ultra, it uses 16-in-1 pixel binning, which means 16 pixels are condensed into a person super pixel. On the S22 Ultra, it was 9-in-1 pixel binning.

So, to seriously crack it down, you’re having about a 12.5MP photo, but every mega pixel has a ridiculous volume of depth given that they’re created up of 16 other pixels.

Even though, if you’re wanting at the photo as is and hoping to see a brain-blowingly wonderful shot full of element, you might be sorely upset. 

Not a key variation from 50MP to 200MP at a look

In its place, the 200MP characteristic definitely shines when you have to have to zoom in and place a smaller sized depth, or an object more away in the distance.

For illustration, I not too long ago went to quite a handful of Ramadhan buffet reviews where by innumerable dishes are crammed future to one particular a different, and lighting can be bad. 

I also are inclined to ignore precise dish names speedy (it is wonderful how several names one particular ayam rendang dish can have at unique buffets).

With me snapping absent in 200MP, I don’t have to fret so considerably about remembering the names, since I can effortlessly zoom into the photographs and examine all those scribbles on compact labels, all without squinting.

If I experienced shot in 12MP or probably even 50MP, I may possibly not have been capable to see these information with these clarity.

A different gain of the 200MP digicam is that you get extra flexibility with cropping pics. Theoretically, the greater pixel count suggests that you can zoom in quite a little bit and crop the picture devoid of shedding considerably detail (to a specified extent).

200MP arrives in clutch for cropping without dropping also a great deal element

At the close of the day however, the details are however dependent on how your photo is currently being shot. Some rules of thumb still apply here, these types of as much better lights = better shots. Even Nightography can only enable so considerably, as I confirmed in my preceding critique of the S23 Extremely.

And, if I could incorporate, superior images competencies = far better shots far too. With my typical skill established, my photographs would occur out instead typical. 

If you’re using the S23 Extremely out for a working day of capturing, provide along a tripod for thoroughly even now pictures also, usually it’s easy to get some blurring of information, and your picture at a glance could search worse than only not working with 200MP. 

Double OIS, so what?

Samsung’s previous OIS tries have been already rather impressive, with the tremendous continual method as an selection for more stabilisation, albeit at the expense of video clip quality.

The S23 Ultra usually takes it to the up coming amount. It’s challenging to explain just how excellent the double OIS is, but I’ll try.

So much, I have introduced the cell phone on pretty a journey, this sort of as a super rough 4WD trip at a safari tour, a a little bumpy boat ride, and to a go-kart race with the S23 Ultra strapped to my chest.

My aim was to see just how a lot it could stabilise clips of these chaotic environments, and I was thoroughly impressed by the outcomes.

I won’t even faux that I comprehend how the technological know-how works, so it absolutely sure appears like magic.

I was not attempting hard to keep the mobile phone secure although filming, so although you will see the frames of the footage jump close to, the central focal level continues to be crystal clear and steady.

The only time I felt the S23 Ultra’s double OIS was certainly challenged was although go-karting. The footage was far more jittery, but you can nevertheless see tons of depth, and rewatching the footage did not make me dizzy.

Some may argue that the steadiness of the S23 Ultra’s online video comes off somewhat phony. I like it even though, as it has a a bit cinematic really feel to it, as if you’re usually filming with a gimbal.

There’s great prospective to do movie shots with the telephone, if you know how to tweak your options appropriate and maybe with the assist of peripherals.

If not, for relaxed use, the double OIS is particularly helpful for those people who want upcoming-amount IG Stories/Reels or cellphone vlogging while travelling.


How very good or poor your 200MP picture turns out still will come down to your eye for getting photographs, and working with a tripod can go a long way in phrases of clarity. 

It is an best mode if you want to include your bases for cropping pictures, but almost certainly not something you want to use for each and every photograph you choose, due to the fact just about every snap could be effectively in excess of 20MB.

Having good films with the S23 Extremely is substantially a lot more effortless, as rather a lot everything I have tried using finishes up on the lookout very good more than enough to add on YouTube without the need of enhancing.

Even so, it’s unrealistic to look at the S23 Ultra to skilled photography and videography equipment. 

It is not quite all set nevertheless to switch DSLRs, but I doubt which is what Samsung is seeking to do in any case.

See it for what it is, a fantastic cellular phone digital camera, there for customers to reliably get great photos and videos when they have to have to, and a good cell phone for all other situations.

The S23 Ultra 512GB retails from RM5,699.

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