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Roll-On Deodorant Controller Heats Up Racing Game

What do you get when you combine roll-on deodorant containers and a soccer ball with an optical mouse and an obscure 90s Japanese movie activity about racing armadillos? Well, you get a fairly darn awesome controller with which to play said sport, we will have to acknowledge.

We rarely understood they had been even now generating roll-on deodorant, and [Tom Tilley] is out here with three empties with which to hack. And hack he does — immediately after totally washing and drying the containers three, he sawed off the ball-keeping bit just down below the business enterprise part and suit every into the roll-on’s lid. Then [Tom] constructed a semi-elaborate cardboard-and-scorching-glue thing to hold them in an equilateral triangle formation. Out of nowhere, he casually drops a fourth modified roll-on ball above an optical mouse, thereby extending the electric power of lasers to the nifty frosted orb.

Eventually, [Tom] placed the pièce de résistance — the soccer ball — on top rated of everything. The mouse picks up the motion via the middle roll-on, and the unique 3 are there for balance and roll-means reasons. At last, Armadillo Racing can be played in Do-it-yourself design and style. Don’t get it? Do not sweat it — just look at out the temporary construct video after the crack.