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EcoFlow Delta 2 Review | TechnoBuffaloSource: Adam Zeis

EcoFlow offers variety of portable power stations, from the 288Wh EcoFlow River to the big-daddy power-them-all Delta Max to the less-is-more Detla Mini. Now, with the introduction of their latest model, the Delta 2, there’s yet another option for those on the go that want a mid-range option to keep them powered up. No matter if you’re car camping, tailgating or just want a source of emergency power, the 1024Wh Delta 2 has your back

Handling almost any electronics up to 2200W, the Delta 2 can run your most-used accessories no matter where you are. Weighing at around 27lbs, it won’t hold you back as you can easily move it wherever your needs may be.

Delta 2 Product Copy

EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station

Bottom line: The Delta 2 has a great mix of power and portability. It’s not as hefty some of the larger models, but it remains it’s a solid mid-range power station for most people.

The Good

  • Plenty of ports
  • Charge via AC, DC or solar
  • EcoFlow app is robust

The Bad

  • No amazing features
  • No included cable storage

EcoFlow Delta 2 portable power station: Price and availability


Source: Ecoflow

The Delta 2 portable power station is available for $999 direct from EcoFlow, with optional solar panels tacking on a few hundred dollars. As-is, you can charge the Delta 2 via any standard outlet or on the go in your car, but those that will be venturing futher off the grid may opt for any number of solar panels to go along for the ride as well.

There’s also a $799 add-on smart battery that will expand the Delta 2 to 2048Wh to give you even more power. This is extremely convenient if you like the size of the Delta 2, but possibly don’t always need the extra juice. You can put the extra smart battery on or off as needed.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: What’s good

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Source: Adam Zeis

Tailgating? Check. Camping? Check. Power out at home? Check. The Delta 2 can handle more than you think. Power up all your devices thanks to a variety of inputs including USB-C, wall-style and DC. 1800W AC output means you can charge many of your home appliances, and faster AC charging gives you the edge on the competiton, 7x over.

Charge over 90% of your home appliances thanks to 1800W output.

While solar charging is a definite bonus, keep in mind that if you’re stuck under cloudy skies you’ll have a hard time juicing up the Delta 2. The panels can get up to 500W input to charge from anywhere in as fast as 3 hours. Bright sunny days are your friend (obviously) so just be aware that solar charging shouldn’t be your only means of charging. For most, charging at home before heading out or even keep the Delta 2 plugged into your car accessory port will do the trick.

As we said earlier, you can also opt for the $799 add-on smart battery that brings the Delta 2 up to 2048Wh. The battery, essentially the same size and look of the Delta 2 itself, charges and discharges in unison. It also has one of my favorite features, a compact storage compartment that can be used for stowing cables and accessories.

There’s also a 5-year warranty that will give you peace of mind and keep you worry free no matter where the Delta 2 may take you — or you take it!

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: What needs work

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Source: Adam Zeis

It’s hard to find any real downsides to the Delta 2. Could it have a bigger capacity? Sure, but that’s why there are other products in the Delta line. There’s nothing much to hate on here, but the Delta 2 also doesn’t have many stand-out features either. A few years ago when power stations like this were still relatively new, any of the features of the Delta 2 would be seen as near revolutionary. But in the current over-saturated power station market, the Delta 2 is really just your average mid-range, sub-$1000 power station.

If we had to get nitpicky, it would really just be that the Delta 2 doesn’t have any amazing, standout features. Everything you need is here, mind you, there’s just no big “wow” factor.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: Competition


Source: Ecoflow

Is there competiton? Yes. And lots of it. Where there used to be only a few big-name players in the game, now there are power stations a’plenty ranging from the small, help me charge my phone a few times devices, to the much larger, “man I’m glad this thing has wheels” devices. Something like the Jackery Explorer 1000 fits the bill here, though that model offers slightly less wattage and fewer ports. Just one of the comparable power stations in this price range.

That being said, if you’re trying to keep things under $1000, the Delta 2 really does pack quite a punch. You can charge multiple devices at once — including most of your home applicances — and the app is really a treat to use with it’s robust set of features and wireless controls.

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station: Should you buy it?

You should buy this if…

  • You want a large amount of power in a sizeable package
  • You need an emergency power source that won’t break the bank

You shouldn’t buy this if…

  • You need to power large appliances for extended periods
  • You can get by with a smaller device

If you need to power a whole bunch of stuff when you’re on the go — or want a solid emergency power source, the Delta 2 is a great buy. With more than enough room for multiple devices at once, a thorough mobile app and brick-less charging, there’s a lot to like here for the sub-$1000 pricetag — until you add on solar panels or the extra battery, then you’re pushing into a much higher price bracket.

out of 5

Delta 2 Product Copy

EcoFlow Delta Mini portable power station

Bottom line: The Delta 2 has a great mix of power and portability. It’s not as hefty some of the larger models, but it remains it’s a solid mid-range power station for most people.

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