Microsoft introduces reliable web app pattern for .NET cloud apps

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Microsoft has unveiled a set of ideal procedures it calls the reliable web application (RWA) sample for .Web, a established of very best methods made to assistance builders go programs to the company’s Azure cloud.

Introduced March 7, RWA was constructed on the Azure Well-Architected Framework. RWA provides prescriptive advice on technical and business targets, covering parts these types of as security, operations, and expense optimization. A reference implementation presents a manufacturing-quality internet application for .Web. Objectives of the RWA include:

  • Small-expense, superior-worth wins
  • Nominal code adjustments
  • Safety ideal methods
  • Reliability design designs
  • Improved operational excellence
  • Charge-optimized environments
  • Well-architected framework principles
  • Support-amount objective of 99.9%

A series of educational movies has been posted on YouTube that covers dependability, safety, performance optimization, and other facets of RWA. Elaborating on cloud deployment, Microsoft observed reduced-charge code adjustments builders can make to prepare an application for deployment to the cloud.

For case in point, the Retry pattern makes it possible for an application to deal with temporary service interruptions, whilst the Circuit Breaker prevents an application from regularly invoking a provider that is down. The Cache-Apart pattern can make improvements to general performance and help preserve consistency in between an in-memory cache and the persistent knowledge retail store.

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