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Slim Shady Files Shady Trademark Opposition Over Application For ‘Reasonably Shady’ Podcast

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And if that title did not truly confuse you all that a great deal, then you have managed to get the position. Eminem has not been shy about asserting his mental assets legal rights in the past, even though a lot of his efforts on that front have really been to the reward of artists from his fights with report labels. That does not mean that Em’s crew is not able of some IP missteps, even so.

And we appear to have an instance of these a misstep. See, Eminem’s legal crew has filed an opposition to a trademark application for a podcast hosted by 2 reality show members titled “Reasonably Shady.”

Rapper Marshall “Eminem” Mathers is on a lawful mission to verify he’s the true Shady right after “Real Housewives of Potomac” stars Dixon and Bryant tried to trademark “Reasonably Shady” – the title of their strike podcast – previous yr.

A law firm for Dixon and Bryant informed The Occasions on Tuesday that the fact-Tv set duo intend “to defend their trademark application” in spite of the “Real Slim Shady” artist’s movement to block it.

Let us not mince words and phrases: this is stupid. Let’s also be crystal clear and truthful to Eminem: the trademark application seeks approval not just for the podcast, but also for your usual merch groups. These include clothing, drink containers, accessories, make-up, and many others. And I never even need to go appear to verify that Eminem has all forms of logos for all his many monikers for numerous, if not all, of people types.

But it’s still stupid. The inclusion of the word “shady” does not in and of itself necessarily mean that there is real or prospective public confusion around the resource of any products. Slender does not have every iteration of the word “shady” when it comes to logos in those groups. And “Reasonably Shady” is a fairly fantastic deviation from “Slim Shady” or “Shady” for a variety of motives. If absolutely nothing else, Em is working with the phrase as a noun, as in his nom de guerre, whereas the wonderful Housewives women are employing it as an adjective. Further than that, the specifics of the branding subject and I never observed anything that would guide me to consider that the basic public is routinely heading to assume that Eminem is involved simply just due to the fact the term “shady” appears.

In Tuesday’s submitting, Staff Mathers factors out that Eminem has extended utilised the marks Shady, Slim Shady and Shady Constrained to peddle products these types of as T-shirts and baseball caps.

“The marks Slender SHADY, SHADY and SHADY Limited have turn into exclusive and are determined by the general public only with [Mathers] and his products and solutions,” the submitting states.

That positive will be information to all the other individuals using the word “shady” as registered logos in these categories. Just to pick out just one instance, below is the reside trademark for “Shady Days Hats.” Why is that one particular less offensive than “Reasonably Shady”? Who the hell knows!

But what I do know is that this is all pretty foolish. Eminem is an immensely talented artist and businessman. That is the place his efforts should really be concentrated, somewhat than striving to inform some “real” housewives what they can put on a espresso mug.

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